sabato 29 ottobre 2011


A volte perchè le conoscenze verranno dopo, a volte perchè si è tendenzialmente pazzi

Following its discovery by Marie and Pierre Curie in 1898, radium was recognized as useful in the treatment of cancer, and the world became suddenly obsessed with this exciting element.
During the ‘radium craze’ of the 1920s, people exploited its ‘health benefits’ in radium spas, and its marketing power with brands like ‘radium’ shoe polish and razor blades. 
The Revigator water jar, lined with uranium ore which would release radium and radon as it decayed, promised a healthy glow but delivered less-than-healthy arsenic, lead, vanadium, and uranium.

Anche noi in Italia, come descritto nel seguente post, 
abbiam fatto la nostra parte

Carbon exists in such different forms as diamond and graphite. 
It is also the element that makes life possible. 
The connection between organic and mineral carbon is made clear in this diamond, which has been artificially made from carbon recovered from the ashes of a 68 year old man from Florida. 
LifeGem make this unique brand of jewellery by capturing and purifying the carbon from a person’s cremated remains, then replicating the extreme heats and temperatures of deep within the earth to create a rough diamond that, when cut, resembles a naturally formed diamond.

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