mercoledì 8 dicembre 2010


Quando mi prefiggo un obiettivo cerco di raggiungerlo.

Tempo fa ho parlato della casa per i morti apparenti a Poznan

Finalmente dal mio corrispondente polacco, che ringrazio di cuore, mi giungono notizie

I also find some interesting information. In book entitled "Podręcznik Poznańczyka albo 250 dowodów wyższości Poznania nad resztą świata" written by Marcin Januszkiewicz and Adam Pleskaczyński I found what we need. There is section about this strange house. They are affirming that Libelt wrote instruction for skilled gravedigger who worked there. Part of this instruction is quoted in this book. Here it is:

(it is translation made by me, it wasn't easy work because it is written in the polish language from 19ht century, I will call this building "funebral house" which is not best word but I can't find better one)

"Gravedigger is obligated to live in funebral house and policing institute. When body is stored in the institute he is not allowed to leave funebral house even for a moment. After body is brought to the institute he should put the body into one of the four baskets and put it at the bier. Next gravedigger activity is to put thimbles at every finger and toes. Thimbles are connected with one strand which is connected with bell. If only body slightly moves the bell will ring an alarm signal. If the bell rings or if there is any blush on the face of quasideath person or any other vital signal gravedigger duty is to call medicine doctor or surgeon (one who lives close to the institute). Concurrently he should put bottle of fragrant alcohol to the nose of quasideath man, drop few drops of kero at his tongue, at least lube chest (near heart) with kero.These are first things to do to bring back this body to live"

Già più di quanto scritto allora.
Anche l'indicazione del testo in polacco.
Riuscirò a trovare gli scritti originali di Libelt?

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